Organic Babies

by Huge Rat Attacks

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Bucky Pre-order: I'm wearing rotten cheese clip-on earrings in preparation for this albums assault on my hearing canal (metaphorically). This is the first from the band I've heard and I can't wait to get attacked by the seemingly perfect blend of psych/stoner/grunge/occult rock. Favorite track: Wheel.
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released July 27, 2013

"Huge Rat Attacks have been carving out a spot where heavy meets hazy for some time now, and Organic Babies, The Rat Attack’s third album, and first offering since the group reformed after a very long hiatus, is full of delicious, Sabbathy, heavy sunshine. A growly, smoke filled record, Organic Babies reaches into several dimensions, while somehow managing to keep a consistent vibe throughout. These guys know how to create and construct gritty, bass-y jams with roaring, stoner guitar, and drums that are at one moment patient and building, and totally schizo the next. Singer, Jason Oehrlein’s vocals are chill and somehow simultaneously full and personal. “Dimensional Loops,” is an anthemic rager, while “Wheel,” slows things down to a lovely melodic daze. The best part about this record is how much it flows. One of those rare records with a specific tide that shouldn’t be interrupted, it’s a better listen as a whole, a beautiful summer offering." -- Erica Krumm

"I wasn't sure what to make out of this so I just pressed "play" on the very first song, "Dimensional Loops". After one minute and twenty seconds I was already impressed. And how could I not be when what I'm hearing is highly overwhelming psychedelic soundscapes presented in a very technical manner. It's a love from first listen."
-- Christian Antonoff, Against the Odds

"If you haven't ever listened to Huge Rat Attacks, there isn't any better time than now!" -- Heavy Planet

Recorded and mixed by Neil Weir at the Old Blackberry Way. Mastered by Dave Gardner Magneto Mastering. Cover/photo/layout by Jason Oehrlein. One More Day Fades Away by Jon Tester.

Jason Oehrlein - Guitar / vocals
Jon Tester - Guitar
Casey Holmgren - Bass
Justin Oehrlein - Drums



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Huge Rat Attacks Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Dimensional Loops
weary / where's east? / where's far? / where's east? i see noah / no way out
Track Name: Skeksis On Jet Skis
they've come for me / it's kung fu harmony / today / here i will wait / here i'll stay
Track Name: Organic Babies
its in the water and the wake keeps turning / it's in the lie and the wait keeps burning
Track Name: Wheel
need something that can take me home tonight / something that can take me very far tonight / i've got to find my wheel / cuz' it's the way to home
Track Name: Heavy Jelly
oh, your way? nah / there's a way i have seen you before / laser bay, as it twists to the shore
Track Name: One More Day Fades Away
On a cool November day you lost someone
I heard you say you loved her
As tears rolled down your face
On a cool November day she went away
I heard you pray for one more day
As tears rolled down your face
You loved her
She loved you
As one more day fades away
Just know that she is no longer afraid
On a cool November day she closed her eyes
I heard you sigh and say good bye
As tears rolled down your face
That cool November day is over now
Remember all the good times
With a smile on your face
You loved her
She loved you
As one more day fades away
Just know that she is no longer afraid
You love her
She still loves you
As one more day fades away
Just know that she is no longer afraid
Track Name: Detonate
square narrow round crooked low wide deep broad / rapid fast short old modern long ancient young late / detonate / you've gotta run / it's all right / it's all ready
Track Name: Vision Quest: Gary
hey, i was almost drawn / and after it's all gutted / and after it's all torn apart / now you've got some legos