by Huge Rat Attacks

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Recorded and mixed by Andy Meyer. Mastered by Dave Gardner Magneto Mastering.

"Huge Rat Attack’s progressive songwriting structure lurks subtlety under their sheer wall of searing reverb, distortion and pain, leaving the listener to embark on their own aural journey only to be awakened by the sonic wail of a large hungry rodent on three hits of acid. It’s no wonder groups like the Black Angels, Pink Mountaintops and Priestess love this band opening for them." - Perfect Porridge

Jason Oehrlein - Guitar / vocals
Jon Tester - Guitar
Casey Holmgren - Bass
Justin Oehrlein - Drums


released September 30, 2006



all rights reserved


Huge Rat Attacks Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Sailing In Space Without A Seatbelt
we're all buddha buddha / we're all buddha buddha / we're all werewolves / the black hole / you'll see / when you see somethings round / you've gotta go around
Track Name: Robosexual Cyborgasm
here is the loophole / where is the loophole / there is the loophole / idon'tknowidon'tknowidon'tknowidon'tknowidon'tknowidon'tknowidon'tknowidon'tknowWAAAAHHH! / that was the loophole
Track Name: Moonstalker
cuz' these are my summeroffun / my summeroffunsunglasses / flyin' around cuz' it's a / cuz' it's a saturday night / gonna go play some lasertag / gonna go on the hollideck / cuz' these are my summeroffun / i have an apartment that's up in the skies / it's a sweet pad chillin' it jetson style / gonna get drunk, gonna get high tonight / because in the future our standards remain.
Track Name: Butterflies Kickin' Ass
parlimenthol lights / come out tonight / i will pay you a handsome rate now / parlimentol lights / come out tonight / i will pay you a handsome rate, my friend.
Track Name: DIY Lavalamp
we're up to do four (x4) / and you can see it around / i know you know it / and you can see it around / i know you know it / and you can see it / i don't wanna even know / you can see it / hey! all right (woo!)